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IndoDic E-Kamus 1.2

A useful dictionary for learning and translating to and from English-Indonseian
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This free program lets you translate and find definitions of words between English and Indonesian languages. Its interface is very straightforward and easy to use.
In your fist use, the program asks whether you want the interface to be in English or Indonesian. Once you have chosen the default language, you can start using the program. To find a word's definition, you only need to type or copy-paste it into the corresponding window and click on the Go! button. The program also has other search options. For example, if you click on the Fam button, the program will show the family tree of the searched word; if you click on the "S" button, you will see an example of the use of the word in a sentence. You can also ask the program to read aloud the corresponding word for you to hear the correct pronunciation. The program also lets you choose your preferred font and size, the default voice that will read the searched words, as well as other options.

The program also has a very interesting series of articles about the similarities between Indonesian and English among other issues, which would be useful for anyone interested in learning those languages. It also has a Reader window that allows you to open text and rich text files, check its spelling, and translate any word of the document by selecting it. A floating window with the translated word will appear.

In sum, this is an excellent Indonesian-English program for those interested in learning and/or translating between both languages.

Victor Hernandez
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